On the Way Down

by Damage Decade

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When this album was conceived, it was intended to sound something like it does today, but as I worked on it off and on, small bits and pieces of its character were left along the side of the road as I discovered new things about this music and how I wanted it to be received. The version of "On the Way Down" that you hear is not progressive, lengthy, and full of grandiose like I had initially envisioned it to be. Instead, it is a collage of sorts, comprised of everything worth saving out of a couple months' worth of musical experimentation, in the end only accounting for around twenty minutes of audio – one side of a record. It is extremely short, fairly simplistic, and incredibly noisy, with pieces of music that seem to fall harshly, unannounced, and out of place in front of the listener, often without a fitting transition. It is meant to be an easily-digested, quick listen. It is a concentrated burst of anger and callousness, directed at a very tough time in my life and the person(s) that caused it. It is not for the faint of heart.


released January 18, 2011

damage decade is kolby manning

all songs written, performed, produced, and mixed by k. manning
all instruments performed by k. manning
recorded in various bedrooms, closets, and automobiles along the eastern seaboard by k. manning (jan. 2010 to jan. 2011)
mastered by k. manning

visual artwork and direction by k. manning

produced with Ableton Live on Apple Macintosh computers

jf, af, za, tg, bt, hw, and anyone else who heard music from the album during its production and provided any kind of feedback — your contribution to this is greater than you realize

dishonorable mention:
kb, jw, and any of their social network of young people near the gulf who had varying degrees of influence on the situation that led to this — your contribution to this is less than you think

here's to letting go.



all rights reserved


Damage Decade Sanford

Damage Decade is a rock project with a heavy electronic influence spanning across multiple experimental genres.

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Track Name: The Violence+
tear it down
take me down
peel back your skin
never believe again

burn it down
take me down
peel back your skin
never believe again

tell all your friends
Track Name: On Thinking Twice
there is a hole in my world
I can feel it inside of me
and I am starting to think
I don't think I can still believe
there is a mark on my skin
there is a poison in my veins
I cannot do this again
but I can hold on to the remains
my heart is cracking and torn
my mind is running away
seems like the moment I was born
I began to decay
I've got a hatred within
I feel it growing every day
I need a reason to live
I keep on beating and tearing and burning and rotting myself away

let's summarize this again
I haven't hurt myself quite enough
I was still breaking you in
I guess it all just got too rough
you keep on telling me you're sorry
but I know just what you're about
you don't even feel guilty
you're only sorry that I found out

I used to give you more than everything
and I just watched you throw it all away
and you just keep on looking the other way
until there really is nothing else to say

I'm starting rumours about you
and the worst part is they're all true
I'm telling secrets you told me
my new obsession is hurting you
Track Name: The Falling Dream
Track Name: Bloodlust
you're the kind of girl I'd let down just to see you fall
the kind of christ I'd nail up twice trying to prove you wrong
Track Name: Infect, Part 1: Persuasion
hey, I'm under your skin now
is there something you'd like to say?
I've got nobody else to take down
and I'm on the way out today
hey, I'm taking your breath now
is there someone else in your bed
well follow me, I'll show you what
it feels like to be dead

just like you, I'm just a liar
I've got nowhere to go
I kill myself to make you hurt
and my heart is just a whore
all two years less, I've spent a lifetime
dying all alone
and I'm gonna make you see what it's like
when everyone is gone

I want you to die for me
not that I care about you
I just want you dead
Track Name: Infect, Part 2: Rejecting