Lifted High

by Damage Decade

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"Lifted High" is the quiet, warm, reflective, and unlikely sequel to Damage Decade's aggressive debut, "On the Way Down."

"Lifted High" is best described as a swirling, melodic soundscape with songs strewn about inside of it. Unlike the heavy Industrial Rock sound of its predecessor, this new endeavor is much more reserved in its sonic palate. Rather than distorted guitars, blistering percussion, and angry vocal passages, the album is built on reverb-drenched synthesizer pads, soft-spoken melodies, and the classic sound of the TR-808 drum machine. It's not heavily embellished with intricate leads, only one track on the album makes it above 100 BPM, and only two of the eight tracks feature anything resembling a guitar.

Lifted High is headphone music (in contrast to "On the Way Down" which was meant to be blasted from a powerful sound system). Contributing to this is the distinct mix/master job, which showcases a wide and enveloping stereo image and a warm low end.

It's not going to be the longest record in your collection, but Lifted High at least pushes past the 20-minute mark. This is partially due to the Ambient and Drone influence present throughout the album, but also because multiple tracks actually feature prominent refrains this time around. Damage Decade is still rooted heavily in the "sound collage" aesthetic, but conventional song structures are less of a problem now. If you've ever wondered what Drone Pop might sound like, this could be the album for you. If you're looking for more "On the Way Down," this might just put you to sleep.

Do not play this album on monoaural devices.


released December 4, 2012

damage decade is kolby manning

all songs written, produced, recorded, and performed by k. manning
mixed and mastered by k. manning
recorded january 2011 – november 2012 in raleigh, nc; w. chester, pa; and sanford, nc

additional recording and drum processing on "be still" by aslan freeman



all rights reserved


Damage Decade Sanford

Damage Decade is a rock project with a heavy electronic influence spanning across multiple experimental genres.

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Track Name: Temporary Survival Covenant
Go down on your hands and knees tonight
Our number's coming up and we've got no time
I know what they're gonna say / before they let the words escape
So get yourself together and let's get right

Sit low
Start to cry
Be set apart / and lifted high
Lifted high

Spend my quiet hours in the light
Of the memories of things I left behind
Even when we still were safe / We all had numbers on our days
And I've lost count of the ones I set on fire

So sit low
Start to cry
Be set apart / and lifted high
Lifted high
Track Name: Fever Dream
I was there
When they carried you away
And I stared
Didn't have much to say
I was tired

I slept in
Pulled the sheets over my face
I went down
To a better hiding place
Built a fire

When I woke
Swore I felt you on my skin
Closed my eyes
Probably won't see you again
After tonight

You were gone
To a place I could not find
Though I tried
Thought you'd never leave behind
The city life
Track Name: Expensive Mistakes
You were walking the sidewalk / singing like an angel
Burning houses and cigarettes / straight from a fable
Cardboard flowers in your left hand / broken heart in the other
Talking to an old friend / Sitting there on your shoulder

I passed you downtown
You were standing on the corner
You didn't know that I saw you
Hope nobody else saw you

When the summer comes this year / we will open our eyes
We will walk down the straight path / until the day that we die
That might be tomorrow / we just don't know a damn thing
We will carry our own bones / we don't care what they all say

I want you to know
I did everything I could
Sometimes everything is not enough
Most times nothing is ever enough

There's a light in the window / of the house down the block
Across from the vacant lot / where we used to park
Where we talked about old dreams / and the ones we still had
Ones we knew we'd give up on / when a little more time passed

There is no way out
Nowhere to go but down, down, down
I won't ever feel your touch again
Don't have the money to work things out

That night on the corner / when I passed you downtown
You didn't know that I saw you / but I guess you know now
Track Name: Song for Gravity
I want to live through a camera lens
Filter the light so only the good comes in
Whole years of film on the cutting room floor
Washing away my sins

I want to live in the present tense
I've got nothing to say in my defense
My demons don't bother me anymore
I'm not gonna break again

I will see / that you follow me
Every step of my way down
Nothing left when you reach the ground

I don't want to sound so arrogant
I don't want to be forgiven
I will be free from what you've done to me
I don't ever plan to repent

I will see / that you follow me
Every step of my way down
Side by side in the ground
I will make sure / that you never find what you're looking for
When you close your eyes tonight
Be set apart and lifted high
Track Name: Be Still
Track Name: Judgement Day Stomp
One day I'm gonna die
They're gonna celebrate
I'll cross alone / in buzzing drones
It's gonna be a good day

That day someone will cry
For something somewhere in this world
No tears for me / when I'm set free
It's gonna be a good day

When you leave your house tonight
Spend your time in all the worst places
Get down on your knees and cry
In the final hours of the golden ages

One day you're gonna die
It's probably gonna rain
Clouds will form / your blood will run
It's gonna be a good day

That day I'm gonna fly
They're gonna cut these chains
And I'll rise above you / like I never loved you
I'm gonna fly that day

When you leave your house tonight
Spend your time in all the worst places
Get down on your knees and cry
In the final hours of the golden ages

The empire is falling down / the rapture makes an awful sound
We spent a lifetime getting out / and no one's gonna save us now
Track Name: The Year Of
It's the year of the thunderstorm
In the Valley of Death
Dark clouds over everything / and I'm running out of breath
Wishing I was somewhere warm
I've given up even trying
Maybe the clouds will take me away
It's the year of death by lightning

It's the year of the dragon
Ever-circling overhead
His claws and teeth glistening with blood
Unholy crimson red
Drinking white wine on the Sabbath
The end of my empire
Maybe the dragon will carry me away
It's the year of the house fire

It's the year of the broken heart
Three years I'll never forget
Three whole years since I last saw you
Three years since the last sunset
Some nights you're in my dreams
I don't know where to start
It's the year of the broken heart
It's always the year of the broken heart
Track Name: The Poltergeist in Wait
Everything is right on track
She's not ever coming back
So if I take the medicine today
I'll go out with a fire in my veins
I don't want to wait too long
I can feel the thunder in my bones
So in the days when I am gone
Don't bring your pretenders to my throne